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Scooter collision results in ‘life changing’ injuries for elderly woman

Wed, 18 Oct 2017

A mobility scooter user who collided with a pedestrian in Suffolk has reportedly caused ‘life changing’ injuries to the elderly woman who is in her 80s.

Police are looking for the scooter driver, who failed to stop at the scene. She is described as an elderly woman wearing a cream-coloured hat and a dark-coloured coat and riding a medium-sized, blue scooter.

The injured pedestrian was knocked over and suffered a laceration to her leg.

The incident follows a similar one last month where another elderly pedestrian nearby in Lowestoft was involved in a scooter collision. The police are treating that incident as actual bodily harm.

It was revealed in a recent study that the number of serious incidents involving mobility scooters are sharply increasing.

Speaking in the wake of the data, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) indicated that mobility scooter manufacturers, retailers and users should all be offered better access to quality guidance and training on the equipment.

The group said that the best way to prevent mobility scooter accidents is to improve the quality and availability of guidance and training.


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