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Face coverings are made compulsory in shops

  • Ref: Coronavirus COVID-19
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At Capitol Mobility we wanted to update you on everything we are doing to keep you and our colleagues safe when you shop with us. As of Tuesday, 30th November 2021, everyone in England must wear a face covering when shopping or working in our stores, unless they are exempt. We have made sure there is plenty of hand sanitiser available as you come in and out of our shop. We are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe. Thank you.

Since 30th November 2021, Government guidance in England has advised the public to wear face coverings, where they may come into contact with people they wouldn’t usually meet. These can include shops and public transport.

Scientific evidence suggests face coverings help prevent you from passing coronavirus on to other people if you are sick.

It does not protect you from breathing in the virus unless it is a full-blown piece of medical PPE - something which is not recommended.

If you have symptoms, you should be self-isolating at home, but many people get Covid-19 without symptoms and can spread it rapidly.

One SAGE member suggested the virus can linger potent in the air for an hour after being breathed out in an indoor, badly-ventilated space.

The UK Government initially feared the added risk of handling and fiddling with a face mask could outweigh the benefits. But it has performed a U-turn. Face coverings are not, however, a substitute for social distancing - you should do both.

Are there any exemptions?

Yes. As with public transport, children under 11 will not have to wear a face covering. Those who can't affix a face covering without suffering severe distress, or who have difficulty using it due to a physical or mental disability, are also exempt. It is thought other exemptions will follow the list already used on public transport. These exceptions include anyone who is being relied on by a deaf person for lipreading, police or public transport staff, emergency responders, or people while they are taking medication.

Will it be the law or just 'guidance'?
It will be the law. Regulations will be made under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 - the same law used as the basis for many lockdown restrictions.

Is it a mask or just a 'covering'?
The law will define a face "covering". This is not a surgical mask and can be a piece of cloth. It must however cover your nose and mouth. 

Will shop assistants have to enforce the law?
Enforcement will be carried out by the police. Downing Street said that while shop employees should encourage compliance, retailers and businesses will not be expected to enforce the policy.

Who is exempt from wearing face coverings?
Following the announcement that face coverings were to become mandatory on public transport in England, guidelines were released outlining individuals who were exempt from the rule.