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Handbrake and Auto Gearshift Controls

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The Handbrake and Automatic Gearshift hand controls will enable the user to eliminate the need to depress the release button on the parking brake or automatic gearshift change.

The handbrake hand control allows the user to eliminate the need to use the user's thumb to depress the release button on the parking brake with the right hand; the handle runs laterally so it saves twisting the arm through 90°.

The gearshift hand control device again eliminates the need to use the thumb or fingers to depress the release button on the gearshift by simply move the handle to depress the button.

Both handbrake and gearshift are available for easy release systems which are vehicle specific. The gearshift are available for non-standard gearshifts.

We offer Free friendly assessments in one of our showrooms with no obligation or sales pressure. Covered by a full guarantee. Fitted by our skilled engineers. These hand controls are available and heavily subsidised through the Motability Scheme. Please contact us regarding your vehicle make and model to check for compatibility. If you are considering a vehicle, we can advise you the best make and model of vehicle to meet your needs. We will also install hand controls privately, please contact us to discuss this further. You know you’ll be in safe hands; we are proud to be a member of the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA), Motability accredited and have a code of practice recognised and accredited by Trading Standards (TSI).