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Ladies and Mens Sandpiper Footwear from £27

Wearing the correct Shoes for the right conditions – i.e. shoes or boots are better than sandals for rough or rocky terrain is important. Shoes should fit properly, with plenty of room at the front around the toes, and a good snug fit around the ankle and heel.  Make sure the shoe is fastened firmly, with your hell tight against the back of the shoe each time you put your shoes on.  This will avoid your toes being cramped at the front of the shoe, and the heel slipping as you walk. At Capitol Mobility we stock a range of Sandpiper Footwear styles to suit your feet. The shoes can be adjusted by removing insoles, providing extra room for wider or swollen feet or insert your own orthotics.

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  • Sandpiper Fitting Guides and Vat ReliefPlease use these fitting guides to help select the correct size. Information on claiming VAT relief. Information on claiming VAT relief:- In line with the VAT Act 1994, individuals who are chronically sick or disabled can claim VAT Relief on any product that has a "VAT EXEMPT" price. See more information.Call NowMore Info
  • Sophie Ladies Ultra Wide Slipper 4E-6E From £28.29This slipper is specially constructed to give a seam free toe area. This slipper is ideal for sensitive feet, or to accommodate bunions or hammer toes. Sizes 4E-6E. Call NowMore Info
  • Sadie Ladies Extra Wide Slipper 4E-6E From £28.29A smart looking style that looks so neat on the foot on those winter evenings. The pretty flower print design will certainly receive admiring comments, and the wide opening with touch fastening strap gives you all the adjustment and support that you need. Sizes 4E-6E.Call NowMore Info
  • Steve Mens Extra Wide Slipper From £33.29Ideal for sensitive feet, this style is designed with a seam free toe area, with an extra deep toe box. Will accommodate swollen feet, bunions or hammer toes and is easily adjustable for the perfect fit. Sizes 6-12.Call NowMore Info
  • Vera Slippers Extra Wide Fitting Sizes 4E-6E From £33.29Why should slippers be boring? Here we have a great looking style, for those dark winter months, but you don't have to sacrifice any comfort just to look great. Sizes 4E-6E.Call NowMore Info
  • Susie Ladies Extra Wide Slipper 4E-6E From £40.79The stretchable elastane material is great to accommodate very swollen or mis-shapen feet. The adjustable fastening holds the foot snug against the heel for good support. Size 4E-6E. Call NowMore Info
  • Silas Mens Extra Extra Wide Slipper From £45.79This style will literally stretch to the shape of your foot. Ideal for very swollen or mis-shapen feet as it moulds to your foot, even when your feet may swell or change shape during the day. Sizes 6 & 7.Call NowMore Info
  • Walter Mens Extra Extra Wide Slipper From £45.79This slipper will literally stretch to the shape of your foot. Ideal for very swollen or mis-shapen feet as it moulds to your foot, even when your feet may swell or change shape during the day. Sizes 6-12.Call NowMore Info
  • Walford Ladies Extra Wide Shoe 4E-6E From £63.29A stylish shoe with stretchy front material expands to fit even the most difficult feet, and the leather rear quarters and lining ensures correct support around the ankle. A shoe that feels like it was made just for you! Sizes 4E-6E.Call NowMore Info
  • Walmer Ladies Extra Wide Shoe 4E-6E From £63.29A shoe that looks so good it will command attention, but feels so good you'll not want them off your feet. The padded top-line, and long adjustable strap are just two of the features that make this shoe unique and so superbly accommodating. Sizes 4E-6E.Call NowMore Info
  • Filton Ladies Extra Wide Shoe From £68.29A super soft leather shoe with stylish punching and stitch detail on this design gives the latest look to a really practical style for wide or difficult feet. The touch fastening bar, gives a huge amount of adjustment, and the removable insoles ensure a perfect fit. If you worry about how your feet look, yet need extra width and depth. Sizes 4E-6E.Call NowMore Info
  • Wardale Ladies Extra Wide Shoe 4E-6E From £70.79Super soft leather shoe with ultra wide fitting simple design shoe keeps the foot looking neat and the extra wide opening makes it easy to get on/off even with very swollen feet. Sizes 4E-6E. Call NowMore Info
  • Welton Ladies Extra Wide Shoe 4E-6E From £70.79A shoe with a neat smart style with low cut to front, this shoe is great if your feet swell over the instep. Designed to prevent cutting in to swollen feet with padded edges.Call NowMore Info
  • Tony Mens Ultra Wide Shoe From £73.29An easy to wear shoe with simple to close touch strap. The front of the shoe keeps even the widest foot looking neat. Sizes 6-12.Call NowMore Info
  • Barla Ladies Extra Wide Boot 4E-6E From £78.29The sleek lines and plain design of this super leather boot is what gives it the style, yet the wide openings and the warm lining is what will make sure it is not forgotten. An ingenious development for very wide feet, this disguises awkward feet and keeps them warm in cold winter weather. Sizes 4E-6E.Call NowMore Info